Time management

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Time is one of the greatest resources that a human has. Unfortunately, however, people are often wasting it and don’t care about it. Time is invaluable, because everything can be rectified except time, as it never comes back. Minutes are precious, as they embrace the human life, and nothing is more precious than life. Every passing minute reduces and limits the available time, so by failing to invest time properly, a person might miss great opportunities.


  • No particular educational qualifications are needed to participate in this course.
  • Knowledge of psychology and language sciences is useful but not necessary


Anyone interested in improving their standard of living, and all senior and middle-level management and supervisory levels in the public and private sectors.



By the end of this course, each trainee will be able to:

  • Possess new positive beliefs that will help you to achieve what you want.
  • Feel that you are important for being an active and influential person.
  • Be someone who has a mission, a task and high values in life.


Achieving these objectives will be easy when we meet for a very interesting trip to the most fascinating islands in the world: On the first island, you will learn about the time and your relation with it, and how important you are. We will also diagnose so-called time diseases and the things that are stealing your life. After that, we will put in place a treatment plan on which we will be working during the rest of the trip.


On the second island, we will have a trip inside your brain to get to know it along with the hindering beliefs, and we will try to change them. The trip ends at the “No” island. It is the place where we get the power to say “No”. “No” to wasting our life, “No” to the things stealing our life, “No” to an empty life, “No” to fake values, “No” to frivolous visits, “No” to an insignificant phone call, “No” to unimportant meetings: Yes to happiness, Yes to having a mission, Yes to a life that we deserve to live.



Concepts and Fundamentals

  • The importance and properties of time.
  • Understanding time and the quality of people.
  • The nature and sense of time.
  • Diagnosing the skills you need.


Back to the roots

  • Using more accurate maps.
  • Convictions and how to change them.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Dealing with others.


Important ideas and techniques

  • Time records.
  • A daily task schedule.
  • Visit schedule.
  • Phone call schedule.
  • Records of the activities of the week.
  • Managing your workplace.
  • Managing the divisions.