Learning Theories

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This program provides new trainers and experienced trainers with the optimal Kolb’s theory in learners’ styles, Bloom’s theory in writing the cognitive, values and skills objectives, Accelerated Learning to make learning more fun, adult learning principles and the seven-step theory in learning. All of this increase your training expertise and raise your professional training level.




This program is directed at trainers, instructors, facilitators, and those who attended previously a course of train of trainers and who want to develop their training skills and enhance them through the application of the most used learning theories.


By the end of this course, each trainee will be able to:

  • Analyze his learning style according to Kolb.
  • Modify his learning style when necessary.
  • Show the essential capabilities of each learning style.
  • Strengthen the learning styles’ skills.
  • Apply the adult learning principles.
  • Increase the content application to the maximum extent possible.
  • Employ the review and summarization technique while delivering the course.
  • Enhance the ability to effectively apply new skills in work.
  • Manage the training time effectively and efficiently.
  • Deliver purposeful feedback.
  • Motivate learners.
  • Write the training objective.
  • Provide the learner’s benefits.
  • Display the course’s content.
  • Provide exercises.
  • Ensure good practice for the learner.
  • Deliver feedback for learners.
  • Provide summaries and reviews.