General Definitions

General Board of Directors of Ghaiyer Scholarship: It is a board of directors for Ghaiyer Scholarship. It consists of a team that comprises board chairmen in the states, as well as a chairman of the Board of Directors of Ghaiyer Scholarship.

Board of Directors of Ghaiyer Scholarship in the State: It is a board of directors for Ghaiyer scholarship in the state. It consists of a working team of seven members of the Board of Directors, including the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ghaiyer Scholarship in that state.

Academic Advisors: It is a team of specialists consisting of seven highly experienced professionals: the program director and six program coordinators.  The team guarantees that the courses are offered with a high level of professionalism and are compliant with the standards through monitoring, supervision and constant development.

Ghaiyer Scholarship Trainer: It is a member of Ghaiyer Scholarship who is committed to achieving its goals through the implementation of the provisions provided in his agreement with Ghaiyer Scholarship and through his commitment to the Code of Ethics and bylaws of Ghaiyer Scholarship.

Supporting Entities: A number of governmental and non-governmental organizations, some training centers and some civil society organizations that are providing the necessary support to ensure the success of this scholarship by providing the training venue and the marketing and by promoting Ghaiyer Scholarship courses.

Sponsors: Ghaiyer Scholarship is sponsored by governmental or non-governmental organizations and individuals who think they can play an important role in achieving its mission, which is: “To contribute to the renaissance of our societies through the provision of training and education according to the highest possible standards of quality and credibility”.

Important note: A supporting entity may be a sponsor at the same time.

Course Attendance Certificate: Each trainee is entitled to a Certificate of Attendance for any course provided he has attended all the classes and participated in their related activities.

Certificate of Program Completion: Each trainee who has attended all the program courses is entitled to a Certificate of Program Completion.