About Ghaiyer Scholarship


The only thing that remains constant is ongoing change itself. A person needs to change the idea he has about himself in order to be able to change his life. But the problem we face is that we love and hate change at the same time. We want to keep things as they are while making them better… It is not about whether or not one has the will, rather it’s about whether or not one is ready for change. Ghaiyer Scholarship was made for those who are ready for this change.

In fact, a large number of young people want to develop their skills and knowledge, but no one is helping them in this regard. There are also many trainers who would like to provide such assistance through professional training. Finally, we owe a lot to our society and everyone wants to promote it and restore his leadership role in leading other societies. Our social responsibility prompts us — as organizations, trainers and teachers — to launch this scholarship, because we have to be the source of the change that we want to see in the world…

Based on the role of Annajah net: “self-development Encyclopedia” in laying the foundation for the success of societies, it was necessary to disseminate learning and training, eliminate the monopoly in this regard and make them available to all the people. On the basis of our belief in the role of education and knowledge in the renaissance of our countries at all levels... Ghaiyer Scholarship was launched to help any person in the world to receive training and enter into the current and future Ghaiyer Scholarship programs.

At the same time, Ghaiyer Scholarship gave the trainers who wish to strengthen their role in serving their societies the opportunity to do so (according to high quality standards). It also provided this opportunity to the training centers that believe in their roles and social responsibilities as well as to the civil society organizations, the companies and the organizations which believe in the social role that they should play in the best manner.


Our Vision:

Providing training for 1,000,000 youth as well as to 77,777 teachers in the world within ten years, according to the highest possible standards of quality and credibility.


Our Mission:

To contribute to the renaissance of our societies through the provision of training and education according to the highest possible standards of quality and credibility, in collaboration with the trainers, teachers, training centers and civil society organizations that are interested and believe in this mission…


Our Principles: