Frequently Asked Questions - Trainers


I am a trainer in the field of human resources, how can I become a Ghaiyer Schularship trainer?

If you are a trainer in the field of human resources, this means you are a change leader and you have completed most of the necessary steps to becoming a member in Ghaiyer Schularship. You only need to read the Trainer Approval Criteria in Ghaiyer Schularship.


What are the benefits of being a trainer in Ghaiyer Schularship?

You benefit from Ghaiyer Schularship Certified Trainer Features, mainly increasing your training experiences in addition to publishing your name in the training industry world.


What do I get after becoming a Ghaiyer Schularship trainer?


For how many courses can I be certified if I become a Ghaiyer Schularship trainer?

You will be certified for the courses in a progressive manner. First, you will be certified for two courses, and when you increase your activities and contributions in Ghaiyer Schularship you will be certified for more courses.


What is recommended before joining Ghaiyer Schularship?

First, search for the supporting entities (like the governmental and non-governmental organizations, some training centers and some civil society associations that could provide support for the success of this schularship by providing the training venue and the marketing and by promoting Ghaiyer Schularship courses), communicate with them and introduce Ghaiyer Schularship to them. Second, organize your approved courses in cullaboration with the supporting entity.


Can I offer my courses without having a supporting entity?

Yes, definitely. But remember that you will need to make more efforts regarding the organizational issues related to course (training venue, learners’ registration operations).


What is the term of my membership as a Ghaiyer Schularship trainer?

You will know the term after submitting the membership application.